Alpha Jet

Alpha Jet

Light attack jet and advanced trainer aircraft

Max Speed : 550 KIAS / .95 M
Ceiling: 47,000 ft
G-Limits: +8 / -5
Payload: 1,360 lb on each inner pylon, 635 lb on each outer pylon
EW: Wired for ALQ-167 and ALQ-188
Endurance: 2.5+ hr with 2 drop tanks
Empty Weight: 7,850 lb
Useful load: 8,600 lb

Designed in the late 1970s, with first flight in 1973, the Alpha Jet was the result of collaboration between Dassault and Dornier to build a new trainer and light attack aircraft. Components were produced in France, Germany, and Belgium, with final assembly occurring in each country. Production aircraft were delivered starting in 1978, with French aircraft operating as pure trainer aircraft, while German aircraft were employed as light attack aircraft. The two types can be distinguished visually by the rounded nose of the French aircraft compared with the pointed nose of German aircraft, such as Gauntlet’s. The aircraft feature a simple but sophisticated design, utilizing fixed leading edges and air intakes, and an area ruled fuselage to minimize transonic drag. The Alpha Jet was also designed to be turned between sorties quickly, and features single-point refueling, and no required ground-support equipment.

Powered by two SNECMA Larzac 04 engines, Gauntlet’s aircraft are equipped with the Larzac C20 providing 10% more thrust for similar specific fuel consumption, facilitating operations carrying external loads in hot and high environments. Alpha Jets are still in service with the militaries of France, Belgium, Egypt, Portugal, Thailand, and are operated by EPNER and Empire Test Pilot School. The Alpha’s combination of low operating cost, high performance, and reliability make it ideal for Gauntlet’s customers.



High-performance jet trainer aircraft

Max Speed: 490 KIAS / .8 M
Ceiling: 32,800 ft
G-Limits: +8 / -4
Payload: 550 lb per pylon (2)
Endurance: 1.5+

Built as the successor to the L-29, the L-39 first flew in 1968. After entering production in 1972 the L-39 had great success as a jet trainer and light attack aircraft throughout the world, at one point being used by nearly forty air forces. It is still flown by numerous militaries including Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, the Czech Republic, and Egypt. Gauntlet’s L-39s are extremely low-cost platforms for test, training, and support.

Qualitative Evaluation Aircraft

Through a network of industry partnerships, Gauntlet Aerospace can provide a variety of aircraft types for Qualitative Evaluation or other support. A partial list of the aircraft we have available is below:


Super Pinto



Extra 300L




Citation Mustang



Lear 35