Government Services


Qualitative Evaluation

Gauntlet currently provides Qualitative Evaluation support to USAF Test Pilot School, US Naval Test Pilot School, and National Test Pilot School in a variety of aircraft. Our instructors understand flight test, and can provide a tester-focused sortie that maximizes value and minimizes cost.



With chase and support assets becoming more expensive and more difficult to schedule, contract chase can provide a solution. We can provide photo and safety chase up to the transonic regime, and area chase for all programs with simple hourly pricing. Our location in Mojave and ability to use the R-2508 complex simplifies mission planning and scheduling.


Pod Carrying / EW Training

Gauntlet’s Alpha Jets are equipped with NATO standard pylons and are capable of carrying up to 1,350 lb on each of the inner pylons. Our aircraft are capable of carrying a variety of government-furnished and commercial pods to support electronic warfare training, many varieties of testing, and other mission sets.